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Monday, March 11, 2013

trial for speaking test

today we do practice for the real speaking test. miss zu told us what time we should attend to do the speaking test on Wednesday and Thursday night. miss zu pick one group to do the practice for today class,, and i hope my group will not should by miss zu but my prediction is wrong and she choose us. ohhh God why?? we did not do the practice because some of my group members go back to their home. dieba doing her video for arab and wasim i don't know. actually we want to do Sunday night, but they still not back to Uitm yet. before we start the speaking trial, miss zu asks us did us done the practice? most of us do not do it and miss zu so angry because she tends to help us but it seems like we don't want to change and help ourselves. sorry miss zu. okay, miss zu gives my group set no 4 that is way to overcome youth nowadays from runaway and homeless. even we did not do the practice but we have find the points before and i don't know i got nervous and my language is so bad. hurrmm! dieba is the first candidate, second is wasim, pyka third and i'm the last candidates. i think we do it not so bad and not to good but miss zu said we did better. how about the marks we get,, in total dieba and me got 14 over 20, pyka 12 and wasim 13. i hope we can do better for the real test amin. tonight we gonna do the practice even our real test on thursday night. this wek, all of us are busy, and we get a lot of tests. so we have to done it faster.we do the practice in class before the class ended and we choose set number 3. miss zu reminds us to do online quizzes and miss zu also pick back the peer and self editing from us,, do you know what,, i not scan or take a pictures on that paper to put it in the blog. hopefully miss zu do not mad at miss. that's all.

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