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Friday, March 15, 2013

argumentative essay

today we do argumentative essay. miss zu reaches us on how to do it and she said that this essay is the famous question that always be the favorite in the final.so we have to give more attention about this right. argue is about agree or disagree on something we want to discuss. it same like our speaking test that we have to agree or disagree about other opinion. after that, miss zu gives us example on how to do this essay and she also asks us to do it by our own. not like others essay that we did it on group. miss zu want we finished the essay on monday and give it to her. the title is WOMEN ARE BECOMING BOLDER AS WELL AS MORE AGGRESSIVE AND MEN ARE MORE SENSITIVE. support your opinion with reason and examples. everybody do the thesis statement and show it to miss zu, and so am i, but the class is about to ended and miss zu cannot check my thesis statement. nevermind. on this Thursday , my group will do the speaking test, hopefully we do it great. amin.

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