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Saturday, March 23, 2013

farewell3~expressing your thoughts via blogging

what do you think of expressing your thoughts feeling via e-diary(blogging)? my answer:
expressing our feeling through blogging is a good way as we know blogging has been famous nowadays especially for teenagers that sometimes too open minded to share about their life or something like that. 30 years ago, people or teenagers preferring book to write and it is we call  diary. the diary only can be read by themselves only and cannot be read by others right and it secret all about. i have make my own diary before, but it seems not working because i was to lazy to write it and have to keep the diary in safe place cause i don't want people know what i wrote.in diary(book) we can write about what we like and don't but e-diary(blogging) we can express our feeling, but we have to know the bounds, if we say something we hate, maybe somebody will hurt. for me, people these day free to write what they want and there is no limit.what else? hah, i think write blog in malay is much easier than write it in english. so people can express their feeling better and at least your english is good so it will be great to write in english. some people shy to share what they feel,, at first i was afraid to do blog because i not a friendly person to share everything about myself, but when i try, it nice. i had read hanis zalikha and also some of my classmate blogs. they were great too in blogging and guess what? they express their feeling well and they know how to cover it.so to me, i think people now choose blogging cause they think we have to flow the time and updated. that's all! that my opinion about this~

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