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Saturday, March 23, 2013

farewell4~what do you expect in your result?

bel 311? what i expect about my grade, can i get a? i don't know, only GOD KNOW that. i just use all my effort and pray.i know that i was to suck this sem. i skip class many times because i hate to do the work that miss zu gives, i don't know. how about term paper? bella done it much and i do nothing. honestly.but, i have to get a good grade, i want to get dean list every semester and i have a reason why i want it.all the knowledge miss zu gave to me, i promise to use it for my final exam and also apply it in my life!miss zu said, nobody will fail in bel311 and i just want A in my bel311. hopefully i can get it~ cause we get from what we have do.

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