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Friday, March 22, 2013

Farewell~writing skills have improved?

what have you learnt throughout this semester in Bel 311? do you think that your writing skills have improved? my answers:
i learnt so much things that i don't know before. before we talk about knowledge that i got, i want to talk about what that i have learnt about life. miss zu teach us many things, about punctuality, respect your teacher, why we learn something, and many more. sometime i not realise that why i studied this subject, i have learnt it since in standard one but i still do not take incentive to improve myself. i just learn it but i did not apply it in my life, even in my studied, i ease to forget about what i have learnt. i remember miss zu said 'if you not help yourself nobody will help you' it sound something like that and 'we learn not to get A in examination, but use it in your life'. but do you think people will do like this? i mean all of us just study because we have to and to get a good grade right. sometimes we are too much, people give many things to help us but we did not helping ourselves. so ungrateful guys. done,let's talk about what i have learnt in the term of Bel 311. wait, to be honest i am too lazy to study this subject and i always want to skip class but i can't because if i not study i will not get a good grade,, see! we learn for grade not for life, you are ungrateful ita.. change mentality ita. okay! i learn for life cause i want to pay back my mother debt and filial piety to people. okay continue, what else? hurmm,, because of this semester the last semester i learn Bel so i hope i can get a good grade but my behavior not like i will get A.., do you think my grade will good? i don't know, but i still have a time to get what i want. what i want to say is i learnt too many things in Bel311 and i don't know how to tell and expressing it. that my first answer, my second answer is i think my writing skills have been improved a little bit. well, we used to use computer when miss zu asked us to write essay and term paper. it quite hard to people who always procrastinate their work right. same goes to me. my problem is i do know much about vocabulary so it hard to me to write in english. i think in my blog i used to repeat the same word and i want to say it is better even a little bit i have improved than nothing. so in my conclusion it is good for us to write to improve our writing but the problem is do you think students like us will like to write the blog? that what we have answer. if they what to help themselves, they will and vice versa. your teacher know what the best for you and they want to help their students to be better in future. done!

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