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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

replacement class( compare and contrast essay )

Tonight we do compare and contrast essay. Wait, Miss Zu asks us to come on time but we did not. We came about 8.05 p.m and Miss Zu knows already about this. Then, we continue learn about on how to do the essay. The topic that Miss Zu gives to us is desperate housewives and the characters are Bree van de kamp and Lynette scavo. We have to find the similarity and differences about them, we got it,, the similarity is their status and the differences is the way they management their family and their attitude. Compare and contrast essay have 2 pattern which is A and B. Please refer to your text book if you want to know the type. Some of group do pattern A and some do pattern B. My group do pattern A, and we divide the work. Nadiah do the conclusion, Bela do the introduction, Nad do the similarity while me and Tyra do the differences. Before Miss Zu explain to us on how to do the essay,, Miss Zu want us give the draft to her and I forgot to tell. Okay, we also need to do citation and reference in the essay we did. I’m just like blur when to do the reference, thank God Miss Zu teaches me and other even I have to know how to do it already. After we finished it we combine the essay and give to Miss Zu. Before our class end, Miss Zu told us what we will do on next week. She reminds us to update our blog, do commenting, and practice the speaking in the group. Even Miss Zu told us to do so many time, we still do not do it. Hopefully we do it. '-'

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