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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

speaking for third times.

 We do speaking today and I like it so much. My group is the second group that will present the forum but, Kimah do not coming to class and she has a mc. The first group did it well. My group, I think we do it not to bad and average, same as group 3,4 and 5. I don't remember Ejat group but, I laughing so much today only because looking at Ejat. He is so funny and same like Mr.Bean. My classmates also laughing because of  Ejat character and body language. The group number 6 will present their forum on next week. We also took a lot of pictures today. I think our class should doing speaking activity many times and we just love it because it can help us build our self confident. On Wednesday night we will do replacement class and Miss Zu said we are good today. Wawa asks Miss Zu to be in pictures with us but she doesn't want because she not a biased person. I just love class for today and hopefully will do speaking activity again.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

references and speaking.

yes!!! we only done 2 times speaking activities and miss zu want us to do speaking today. before that miss zu forgot to tell us that we have to do references on our essay we did yesterday night and if we do not do that the mark we deducted 5 marks.what the??? so don't forget it itaa!!! we have refer page 69 and 70 on how to do references. don't forget our favorite pages 55 and 56 about citation .hahahaha! wait,, actually miss zu ask us to bring laptop today right? maybe she forgot and no one of us remind she about this, nevermind. after that, we divided into groups and do our speaking.. do you know what we will have do a forum each group. thanks God we have experience on this in bel 260. my friends, ika ahmad, nawi, wawa, kimah will do a forum about cleanliness and public amenities. we have to choose the host and the rest we be the panels. want to know more? wait for tomorrow okay.miss zu leave us at 5.35 p.m because she know today uitm has a night market. thanks miss. so,, tomorrow we have to present our forum and after that do blogging.

replacement class(problem solution)

poor and sorry to miss zu because she has to wait us about 25 minutes to start the class.actually she remind us to be sharp on time but we don't make it. we give reasons like raining, overslept and many more.sorry miss zu. tonight we do problem solution essay and it only has 2 pattern so it quit essay to do, but i feel afraid and worry about our final exam. fuuuuhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! i have to start study now! miss zu divides us to groups and we watch a video and make an essay based on it. my group do pattern 2 and our title of essay is about vandalism and i think is easy for us to do because we can google it right. so we do our work and then after we finished it we give it to miss zu. honestly i like this replacement class because i feel more focus than have a class on evening. that all and i pray i can do this essay perfectly on exam. oooooooo!!! i forgot to tell,, this essay we have to do citation okay, and we have to do because in final exam  if you do not do this your mark will be deducted. fuuuuhhhhhh!!!

commenting on nawi and acap draft.

hohoho,, i feel so awesome today because miss zu has a good mood maybe. we just do commenting on others draft and miss zu also gives back our outlining. bela and me only get 4.25 over 5 and the highest in our class is atikah ahmad and diba they get 4.70. fuuyoooo congratulation guys!! miss zu also ask bela and me to help nawi to fix and make correction on his outlining. after commenting miss zu want us to put the draft that have been commenting to our blog. actually acap do not come to class and nawi do not finished yet their draft so we cannot commenting but we give our draft to them and hopefully they will commenting it. i think the class for today is very very relaxing. i though maybe because tonight we will have replacement class at sl. that why miss zu do want us to feel boring and burden. like usual miss zu ask us to comment on others blogs but we still do not commenting and only a few of us do that. miss zu also want reflection from us and we must write it on blog. can wait for tonight class. ;)

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

do an essay based on video.

actually i thought miss zu want to check our outlining on blog but i'm wrong. miss zu teaches us about cause and effect essay and then she divides us to 4 group. after that we watching video and do an essay based on that video. who gonna do the introduction, cause and effect and conclusion. my group get pattern no one which is cause,cause,cause and effect,effect,effect. the video to be our title for essay is very awesome but it hard for us do finished it on time because it has been a long time for us not writing an essay in class.my group essay is about hallucination. after we done the essay we have to give it to miss zu to check it. before the class end miss zu remind us to do quizzes, the term paper and updating our blog on weekend.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

inferences aka guessing

today 10 people absent but thank God miss zu looks very happy and i think she has a good mood. oookkkayyyyy! this is what we call inference or guessing or assumption. wait,,before that because of 10 people not coming to class so miss zu ask us to tell them bring the original MC because maybe some of them is cheating,, this is not what i mean but you know,,, we are students and miss zu has an experience about this before right,, haaaa,, if we have experience so we can make the inference based on it right.  after that we playing a game about guessing based on the card that miss zu gave to us. at first we don't understand how to play and after the game started we get it. only wasim looks excited because he had play this game before we are blur. then, we playing a game and we have to guess what will happen on the situation. miss zu also provides us a paper to write down and then keep it on our files. the good news is tomorrow we don't have a class. yahoooo!!! hahah but we have to do and finished up our blog about outlining,, comment on other outlining and anythings that related to our blog. that's all.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

checking the outlining

hello!! today miss zu will checking our outlining because we have to summit it this week before Chinese new year. miss zu checks our outlining and she fix our outlining. honestly bela do it by herself alone because i'm not attend the class and i think more credit must be given to bela. miss zu checks all people outlining while bela and me just gossiping. the class for today not so boring because miss zu just checking the outlining. that's all activity for today.

4/2/2013 absent got headache

i not attending class today because i got headache. actually i want to go to penawar because i know i skip the class 4 times including today but i am to weak to go. i hope miss zu not BAR me. today we have to do the outlining i think and hopefully bela do it. sorry bela i just put the burden on you.

presenting our thesis statement.2

Because of I not attending the class on Tuesday so Bela and me have to present our thesis statement today. Our thesis statement is not specific and Miss Zu asks to fix it back before 6 pm today. Bela and me do it 2 times before Miss Zu accept our thesis statement. Then she asks us to complete the work that is the introductory paragraph. We done it but we do not show it to Miss Zu. After that Miss Zu explain to us about outlining that we have to do next week.