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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

replacement class(problem solution)

poor and sorry to miss zu because she has to wait us about 25 minutes to start the class.actually she remind us to be sharp on time but we don't make it. we give reasons like raining, overslept and many more.sorry miss zu. tonight we do problem solution essay and it only has 2 pattern so it quit essay to do, but i feel afraid and worry about our final exam. fuuuuhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! i have to start study now! miss zu divides us to groups and we watch a video and make an essay based on it. my group do pattern 2 and our title of essay is about vandalism and i think is easy for us to do because we can google it right. so we do our work and then after we finished it we give it to miss zu. honestly i like this replacement class because i feel more focus than have a class on evening. that all and i pray i can do this essay perfectly on exam. oooooooo!!! i forgot to tell,, this essay we have to do citation okay, and we have to do because in final exam  if you do not do this your mark will be deducted. fuuuuhhhhhh!!!

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