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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

references and speaking.

yes!!! we only done 2 times speaking activities and miss zu want us to do speaking today. before that miss zu forgot to tell us that we have to do references on our essay we did yesterday night and if we do not do that the mark we deducted 5 marks.what the??? so don't forget it itaa!!! we have refer page 69 and 70 on how to do references. don't forget our favorite pages 55 and 56 about citation .hahahaha! wait,, actually miss zu ask us to bring laptop today right? maybe she forgot and no one of us remind she about this, nevermind. after that, we divided into groups and do our speaking.. do you know what we will have do a forum each group. thanks God we have experience on this in bel 260. my friends, ika ahmad, nawi, wawa, kimah will do a forum about cleanliness and public amenities. we have to choose the host and the rest we be the panels. want to know more? wait for tomorrow okay.miss zu leave us at 5.35 p.m because she know today uitm has a night market. thanks miss. so,, tomorrow we have to present our forum and after that do blogging.

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