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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

commenting on nawi and acap draft.

hohoho,, i feel so awesome today because miss zu has a good mood maybe. we just do commenting on others draft and miss zu also gives back our outlining. bela and me only get 4.25 over 5 and the highest in our class is atikah ahmad and diba they get 4.70. fuuyoooo congratulation guys!! miss zu also ask bela and me to help nawi to fix and make correction on his outlining. after commenting miss zu want us to put the draft that have been commenting to our blog. actually acap do not come to class and nawi do not finished yet their draft so we cannot commenting but we give our draft to them and hopefully they will commenting it. i think the class for today is very very relaxing. i though maybe because tonight we will have replacement class at sl. that why miss zu do want us to feel boring and burden. like usual miss zu ask us to comment on others blogs but we still do not commenting and only a few of us do that. miss zu also want reflection from us and we must write it on blog. can wait for tonight class. ;)

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