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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

speaking for third times.

 We do speaking today and I like it so much. My group is the second group that will present the forum but, Kimah do not coming to class and she has a mc. The first group did it well. My group, I think we do it not to bad and average, same as group 3,4 and 5. I don't remember Ejat group but, I laughing so much today only because looking at Ejat. He is so funny and same like Mr.Bean. My classmates also laughing because of  Ejat character and body language. The group number 6 will present their forum on next week. We also took a lot of pictures today. I think our class should doing speaking activity many times and we just love it because it can help us build our self confident. On Wednesday night we will do replacement class and Miss Zu said we are good today. Wawa asks Miss Zu to be in pictures with us but she doesn't want because she not a biased person. I just love class for today and hopefully will do speaking activity again.

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