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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

inferences aka guessing

today 10 people absent but thank God miss zu looks very happy and i think she has a good mood. oookkkayyyyy! this is what we call inference or guessing or assumption. wait,,before that because of 10 people not coming to class so miss zu ask us to tell them bring the original MC because maybe some of them is cheating,, this is not what i mean but you know,,, we are students and miss zu has an experience about this before right,, haaaa,, if we have experience so we can make the inference based on it right.  after that we playing a game about guessing based on the card that miss zu gave to us. at first we don't understand how to play and after the game started we get it. only wasim looks excited because he had play this game before we are blur. then, we playing a game and we have to guess what will happen on the situation. miss zu also provides us a paper to write down and then keep it on our files. the good news is tomorrow we don't have a class. yahoooo!!! hahah but we have to do and finished up our blog about outlining,, comment on other outlining and anythings that related to our blog. that's all.

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