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Saturday, March 23, 2013

farewell 2~what blogging teach you in bel311?

the second question that i have to answer is what does blogging teach you in bel311? my answer:
blogging has teach me how to share the knowledge that we got with others. we got something from someone than we have to share it even we know just a little thing. from blogging i also learn to be a diligent person,, you know we have to always update our blogs. wait, it consists two meaning. first, we update it because we have been asked to do so (bel311) a as student. second, we update it because we want to share about ourselves, or anything that we want people to know (hanis zalikha and maria elena) and maybe it just being as a hobby for them. not only that, blogging also can release our tension, what we want to say about how we feel and it really, really helping! but, for students like us, if we were push to do blog, it just like a burden right, actually too many benefits we can get if we really enjoying do this thing. just like the famous blogger right, they enjoy doing it.waiiit,, actually i not answering the question.hahahahah! in bel 311, like i had said before, i learnt so much. that only my answer to the question. so as conclusion, blogging has teach me to be a kind person by sharing the knowledge  i got~

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