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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

discussion essay by twins

today we have been teaching by the new lecturers,, hahha! no actually miss zu asks twins to explain on how to do discussion essay because only them do this type of essay for term paper.one more thing, miss zu said discussion essay has never come out in final so, hopefully because she also said that this essay is too esay compared to argumentative essay. that right miss zu! i feel like i want to scream out loud when you ask us to do the essay.hurrhh! but this argumentative essay is the famous one that always come out in final. so i have to prepare for it from now.waitt!, good new for all of us! nobody will fail in BEL311 said miss zu, yeahhh! Alhamdulillah. after the twins explain a little bit about the discussion essay, miss zu asks us to do quizzes and commenting blogs. miss zu also asks us to do farewell about blogging and there are three things that we have to write about, the due date until sunday i guess. miss zu also give us past sem final paper to be done and we will discuss it tomorrow night the answers and maybe we will do blog on that night. i feel so sad even today is not the last day for this class because on thursdays night we will have replacement class. i know i am always skip classes but i gonna miss miss zu! argghhh!! last sem learning bel.. i have to get A! or A- or B+. hah,, before that i must change my blog color and font because tyra and bela said they cannot read what i have write. hahaha! okay guys.,, i will change it later. eh,, miss zu also asks us to summit our fail, term paper and also argumentative essay past year question. okay i think that all for today.:(

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