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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

peer commenting and giving mark

We just continue yesterday work and Miss Zu checks all the papers that she gave to us. After that we need to do peer commenting, we have to change our draft with other people, because mine has been changed with Acap so Miss Zu told me to change it with Zani's group. Bela and me finished already our work but Zani's group still not yet finished their so we have to wait until they finish. Zani's group done editing their draft then we change ours and start commenting. Miss Zu provides us a blue paper that require us to give a mark to other that we comment and cannot tell they the marks we have give. For tomorrow class we will do speaking and for the replacement class we will do writing according to Miss Zu so that why she want us to done this work before tomorrow night. We will do speaking tomorrow evening in class because our speaking test will start next week. Hopefully we can get good grades. Amin. Miss Zu also told us to do our online quizzes this week. I think done all of them except for 10th quiz because it still disable.

This our real draft before commenting.

“As believers, we cannot question the knowledge of God. He, through His scriptures and His prophets has told us of the signs of the qiyamah. The knowledge of the end-of-times is something that only God knows”, said by Deputy Mufti Datuk Abdul Majid Omar. This is because 2012 as the end of the day is the current issue that being discusses by people around the world nowadays .Most religions like Islam and Christianity believed that the revelation comes gradually, complete with signs to warn humanity. Based on the Quran and Hadith, Muslims believe that qiyamah will come with major and minor signs such as the just will be unfairly accused, the wise will be ignored, and the swindle people will become leaders and the sun will rise from the West. Christians believe that Jesus will return, all the believers will go up to heaven, and there will be a great tribulation. Many Internet websites say the world will end on December 2012. As you and I know, the world has not ended yet because I am working on this essay on 2013. So, could it really happen? The truth is, nowadays, very few people believe in the end of the world predictions, preferring to live their lives normally instead of being bothered by such endless predictions. The end of the world has been predicted many times, and none of it becomes true, however, due to the Mayan prophecy, prediction of scientists and the continuous disaster that happened make people started to prepare themselves to confront the doomsday.
      Even though the augury of the doomsday can affect people in many ways, but for its
believers it can make them loss in countless kind of different prospective. Due to the prediction that has been make and the evidence that is being on the news, the believers will definitely wasting many things especially in terms of money and time as to make sure that they are fully prepared if the doomsday come and they will survive from it. One of the store in America, Uncle Sam’s Military Surplus’ manager, states that the fire starters is the famous item at the store for those who prepare for the doomsday that he calls “preppers” (Scott, 2012 as cited in Moore, 2012) and in “Many prepare for”, (2012), states that people are buying lounge for water which is the most crucial thing for emergency. This situation is not only happened in the western country but it is also happened in Asia. According to Tan and Arman (2012), in America, currently the sale of underground bunkers has been speedy while in Russia, accompany is selling a devastation kit that contains food and medicine and in Malaysia, those people are stocking up food. The Utah Shelter System’s employees that be on duty said that the sales price of the protection is range between RM 160424.60 to 201644.30 in North Salt Lake, Utah. (Taylor, 2012). In this situation the sellers will take the opportunity to increase the price of the goods since they know that people will buy it regardless whether the price is expensive or not as they assume that the end of the world will absolutely happened on 2012. The money that was used to paid for the goods become a waste  just like that as a result from the cancellation of the day of judgment and because of the same reason  the medicines and the foods that they stocking up will spoilt since it will reach its due date. Reuters and Kujundzic (2012, as cited in Taylor, 2012) have found Liu Qiyuan, a Chinese creator who designed a spherical pod, named "Noah's Ark", floats the pod on a river during an attempt in Xianghe, Hebei. To build a protection that can secure us from the disaster is cost a lot of money. In terms of time, to feel safety people tend to believe that there are a place that can keep them out from the calamity. It is proves when Reuters and Arles (2012) proposes that as the only place that will endure from judgment day is the The Peak of Bugarachm Corbieres, in south western France, because of the story said that the mountain contains a way into eternity. As a consequence of all these preparations, our money and time is being throw away just like it has no value at all. Even if we are prepare ourselves perfectly for the judgment day, all this stuff are pointless as it will not help us to stay away from devastation.

One of the major reasons that make people put their fate on the Day of Judgment is because of the Mayan prophecy. Most of people see that 21 December 2012 as the date for the end of the world because the Mayan is the great mathematical and able to predict the future. This statement become stronger as there are many articles and news is publishes in media. In western cultures they strongly convinced about Mayan forecast that the world will stop shortly. (John, 2012 as cited in Braswell, 2012). For example, Deem (2012) states, the Mayan calendar, the "Great Cycle" equates with 5,125.36 years, which began on August 11, 3114 B.C. and ends in 2012. According to “The Mayan Calendar”, (2012), the Long Count on the 13th baktun, will complete its Great Cycle of the Mayan calendar on by comparing it to the modern version of calendar the end of the cycle is match with December 21,2012, 11;11 Universal Time.
It is not only due to the media but when the Mayan people itself speak about it that, “End date” of the Maya calendar, Dec 21, 2012 has been confirmed as a very old Maya text has appeared from the jungles of Guatemala. (Lorenzi, 2012), it is automatically has increase the percentage of its believers. Even though the preppers has raise but there are people who oppose that the day of reckoning will not be happened. Holly (2012) argues that most of public over carry a myth because of they are be short of understanding about the real Mayan foretelling. People are misunderstanding about the Mayan prediction because of the lack of knowledge about the prophecy. It is indeed true that the Mayan calendar is ended in 21 December 2012, but it is only the end of the its calendar’s cycle which after 21 December the Mayan calendar will be 14th baktun just like the end of the year where after December 2012 there will be January 2013, so the earth will be not be finished so far.

Another provocation which gains humanity attention is the prediction of scientists about unusual phenomenon that happened in outer space. The abnormal situation that happen on the outside of the earth have contribute to  made people become more afraid and believe that the prediction is true as the scientist said about the unstable of solar flares, Planet Nibiru crash and the asteroid collision. Nowadays, the increasing of the radiation energy that shoots the Earth with the solar flare that ruin the power grids and satellites. (Philip, 2012). When the power grids and satellites ruin, the communication system will be the first that been affected and it will a total blackout. Lately the radiation energy from the solar storms has continuously increased and people around the world can feel the heat. Not only the power grids and satellites will be affected but the icebergs at North Pole will melting, as a result from it, the sea level will rise up and the worst it can cause a huge flood which can drown the small countries. Next, according to National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) (2012), has verified that on 21 December 2012 the planet Nibiru will collide with earth. What is planet Nibiru? Planet Nibiru is the twelve planet which lies just outside Pluto. This means that there will not be any humanity that can live there because the planet is located far away from the Sun and it’s too cold for human to make as a place to stay. The collision of this planet with Earth happened because of the strong gravitational force that is attracting the Planet Nibiru so it will be a little bit out from its original orbit. As a result of the attracting, the Planet Nibiru or known as Planet X will come over to hit the Earth. A slightly miss of the planet, can watering the earth with the deadly asteroids impacts that come from the planet’s gravitational stir. (Handwerk,2012). Other than that, the asteroid smash is contribute for making people put their fate by believing that the world will be end. Tan and Arman (2012) notes that it was assumed that the dinosaurs was vanished because an asteroid that crush the earth on 65 million years ago. Mohd (2012) indicates that the high speed of the asteroid even the dimension is small, it can wipe out the Earth and it will be able to cause tsunami which can tear down cities if it knocks down in the sea. If these situations is happening, the minimum consequence is only half of the Earth’s land will be gone and the living things will be lost their home.

Other than that, the continuous disasters event which are happened around the world before these have made the believers completely convince on the prediction. The nonstop calamity such as SARS, big flood, tsunami, pandemic and earthquakes that happened previously makes the doomsday preppes make a conclusion that December 21st is a judgments day. As we know there is various type of tragedy which can bring to death and havoc to the Earth. It is not a new problem but these continuous disasters had already happened before our generation is born into the world. For example, in the 14th century, 75 million people around the world were killed by the Black Death virus. (Tan & Arman, 2012). Because of the Black Death Virus, millions of human died around the world. On 2003, there is a new kind of fever but this fever can take out the soul of human. Davis (2012) states that the first case of the SARS virus was record in Asia starting from 2002 until mid-year of 2003. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) (2003), 8437 people around the world are infected by the SARS as of July 2003, and 813 pass away during the plague. Park (2012) explained, from the common symptoms that someone is infectious such as fever, cough and hardly to breath, then the SARS pandemic patient will feel muscle aches and chills. The signs of the SARS are same as the ordinary fever so people that have been affected by it do not know that he or she is a SARS’s patient. Followed by the next year which is 2004, people worldwide receive shocking news where the Tsunami had happened and much life is gone. Hoffer (2011) explained, in 2004, the west coast of Indonesia has been strike by an earthquake which scale 9.2-magnitude that has cause a tsunami with waves over 100 feet high happened, not only in Indonesia but also take place not less than 14 countries. The place such as Fiji Island, Pacific Island and the most important is Malaysia will be in danger as the level of the ocean keeps rising. (Mushrifah, 2012 as cited in Tan and Arman).Due to this problem the small country such as Malaysia can be vanished from the Earth forever. Luckily, with the intelligent of people and the newest technology that the world has all these problems can be solved. For example, there is a Tsunami detection buoys that has been created to alarm people if there will be any tsunami and for the illness we can detect our disease in the earlier stage so that we can cure it before it is too late.

To put it briefly, there are a lot of reasons why people believe in this rumor that has been such as hot issue lately. The reasons are not only coming from the scientific approached  that are the prediction of scientists and the natural calamity but it is also come up  together with the ancient prospective which is about the Mayan prophecy. As a people with religion, we should not easily believe in what people said. All the religion that has in this world has thought their believers about the sign of the judgment day so the prediction that has been made is supposedly to be denied as soon as we know about it. For Muslims, as we know that the world is only a temporary place for us to stay and the world after death is the real place that we are going to stay. So the Earth will absolutely end but it must have the sign first which it is already been stated in Al-Quran so we should hold it without any hesitation. Just like what has been acknowledged in Al-Quran, “His command is only when He intends a thing that He says to it, "Be," and it is”, surah yassin line 82. That means if Allah SWT said that the world will end so despite of what happened the world will end.

This ours after commenting by Izani group.

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