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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

presenting our thesis statement 1

to be honest i know that miss zu will scold us today because she look like don't has a mood today. it is true when we enter the class she look angry and i know we might be scolded by her. actually it must be something that make she angry right,, nevermind,, when my friends presenting their thesis statement miss zu angry and we also make she mad at us because when she asks question we answer it slowly and blur. most of us do it wrongly and our sentences structure worst and that what make miss zu angry. she also told us that she hate people who bad in their grammar. she can said that because we learn grammar since we in primary school but we still don't want to improve ourselves. class looks scary because miss zu got angry on us.after that, who do argumentative essay and think that their thesis statement is wrong no need to present and it including me and bela. one more thing is today class will cancel,, actually not cancel but miss zu will not enter the class but we still have to go to library to comment on others blog and also discuss about our thesis statement. bela and me have to change our argumentative to cause and effect because our title for term does not sound good and it weird. she also asks us to message her about our title and change it. that's all. hopefully we can get good grade in our bel311. amin.

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