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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

be a sales girl maybe?

Maybelline new york the only word playing around my minds right now hahahhahaha! This is because the activity that we have to do is promoting our product and ours is compact powder Maybelline brnad .Before that we learn about fact and opinion for today class. Let me explain to you what is fact and what is opinion... here we begin, I just want to give you the example of fact: I was born on 22 January 1993 this is a fact! something that real. How about opinion? for instance: I think Ana and Faiz will be a great couple ever. Look at the adjective(great) this is what make it become opinion. understood? hopefully.After that, we gonna presenting and be a sales girl or boy to promote our product that we choose and the rest will guess how many fact and opinion based on our explanation. Then, the right answer will get mark and like usually the loser( not loser actually, it called lazy to raise hand and answer) will clapping  hand for the winner.The end.

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