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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

debate time!!

debate! that's what activity for today. at first, most of us including myself feel like what the hell??,, we hate this because it have been a long time for us not speaking in class. for me,, myself  lack of confident on this sem, but i will try to build it again. okay,, let start, first we divided into 4 group by counting the number then we divided again into government and opposition side. my group is opposition side and our topic is men or women more creative and cooperate in group while doing work.. i think it sound something like that. at first we just like blur and what to do but then everything get excited after miss zu give explanation . my group debate with government side midas's group and miss zu said there is no winner both of group  because the debate seen fair in winning. the rest will choose the winner in the group. i don't remember who is the winner but what i know is i'm the best debater same like faiz addha hahaha. the winner are choose by miss zu. all. i  don't forget when ana choose midah as the winner in the government side. hahahhaha,,. can't
wait for tomorrow.

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